In collaboration with Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Planning and DANIDA, the Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission (GGACC) organized the governance Coordination Sector Forum preparatory Meetings on June 10th –11th for the two Subsectors, Rule of Law (Justice, Human rights) and Security.  The governance sector is the largest sector of the NDP2 that coordinates 27 Ministries, Agencies, and Civil Societies and International partners but was ineffective for the last two years because of poor coordination. Being the secretary of the sector, GGACC has now intensified its coordination efforts in order to develop the sector.

The preparatory gathering was aimed at presenting the coordination mechanism, the sector roles, subsector objectives and the identification of the chairman, co-chair and the secretary of the subsector.  The Good Governance Anti-Corruption Commission (GGACC) which has the responsibility of the Subsector Secretary organized such meeting with attendance of Interior Ministry which is in charge of homeland security in the country, Ministry of National Planning and Denmark’s Developmental Agency (Danida).The participants were included by government institutions, UN, international organizations and Civil Society in Somaliland.

GGACC chairman, Eng. Ahmed Jama Mohamoud spoke on the importance of the Governance Coordination Sector Forum Preparatory Meeting and outlined that the sector will be made operational to perform its work in which it was established before. The chairman announced that later this time, the sector would be very active and effective in performing its duties. The chairman thanked the participants for attending the meeting stated that GGACC would revive its role in the sector.

Speaking in the opening ceremony, Interior Minister, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed expressed his gratitude to the participants for their acceptance and participation in the meeting.  He specifically thanked the GGACC for conducting the mobilization of this meeting and communicating the meeting agenda to all participants. The minister added that the governance sector consists of five sub-sectors which are; Security, Rule of Law (Justice and human right), Democratization and Decentralization, Public Resources and Foreign relations.  The Interior minister finally emphasized that the main governance sector will held in July 2018 and underlined that all logistical issues would be completed before the deadline.

After long discussions, the preparatory meeting agreed that there is a need for the ministry of Justice to lead the subsector of the Rule of Law (justice and Human right). The meeting outlined that the Comprehensive capacity building is needed by the government officers to make more efficient the activities of the NDP2.  Information sharing was also identified the most important thing needed by the governance subsector, international organizations and as well as the local partners. The Governance Coordination Meeting was closed by the minister of interior and GGACC chairman who both highlighted that all inputs from the attendees would be given consideration and be used to develop the next meetings.

By:  Director of Public Awareness

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