Somaliland: Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission(GGACC)

Somaliland’s Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission was established informally in 2010,  and  in 06 November 2012 The Somaliland parliament passed a bill to increase the efficiency of the Commission’s power to hold government officials accountable for their actions. the main purpose of the Commission is to educate the public, and also It will force [government] leaders to understand that they are accountable to the public, that their work and conduct will be judged, and that legal action can be taken against them,.

The Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission consist of a five-member committee, the first of its kind formed by the Somaliland administration,


Ahmed Jama Mohamoud

Vice Chairman
Mukhtar Yasin Ali
Com AbdiNasir Abdilahi Ahmed       Com Mukhtar Osman Abdi                                 Com Dayib Adan Ali